Hello Slimers

After being working non-stop since end of February, we have walked through a difficult road. We faced bugs, DDoS Attacks, FUD, and more along the way. It has been quite a journey.

But today we need to sign off for several reasons:

The failed launch of V2 hurt…


Deadline : 27 April 2021 22:00 utc (Tuesday)

What will happen?

After the migration, Slime V1 Farm and Pools will stop giving out rewards and be closed permanently.
You will have to transfer your tokens and stake in the V2 Farm and Pools to keep farming yield. …

As you now, we have been working hard since the beginning to offer our community the best possible experience when it comes to Yield Farming. We are the first to have implemented the Referral system, the Pool Stake function (which sends your pending harvest directly to the main farming pool)…

Crypto Royals: Good evening everyone, I am pleasured to have @rimurotheslime from Slime Finance to join our AMA today.

Hello @rimurotheslime So nice to have you with us for AMA Session today.

Rimuro: Hello, It is a pleasure to be here!

Crypto Royals: Shall we start ama?

Rimuro: yes. …


IM Community — Please introduce yourself a bit @rimurotheslime, @liarcertified:

Rimuro — Hi, I’m the co-founder of Slime Finance and the main developer.
Thesaltiestslime — I am Community Manager at Slime Finance and I am currently in charge of marketing at Slime Finance

IM CommunityQuestion 1 —…

Slime will reduce slime emissions and will change pool multipliers.

First parameter to be changed, “Slimes per block”

First parameter to be changed: “SLME per block”

At this moment there are 0,314 slimes created per block (3s), which we will reduce to fight inflation and bolster the price of SLME…

All you need to know at the beginning


We will introduce slimes to binance smart chain, bsc is good but it need some slimes to be better!

First we will launch farming using a fork of pancakeswap, next we are planning launch vaults and games!


We will start at 0…

Slime finance

Farming on bsc, https://slime.finance/

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