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11 min readMar 18, 2021

Crypto Royals: Good evening everyone, I am pleasured to have @rimurotheslime from Slime Finance to join our AMA today.

Hello @rimurotheslime So nice to have you with us for AMA Session today.

Rimuro: Hello, It is a pleasure to be here!

Crypto Royals: Shall we start ama?

Rimuro: yes. im ready

Crypto Royals: So,Lets start with some introduction questions

Q1) Can you please introduce yourself to the community ?

Rimuro: I’m a CEO and main developer at slime finance, I’m a computer engineer that joined to crypto world as miner on 2013, since that i see how this world evolve, i started slime finance with other blockchain developer and friend and we joined to defi as a project looking for improve some deficiencies
Basically Slime was just a project I created for fun because blockchain development has always been my passion.
Now Slime is my life project and there will be no room for failure, the team is listening to our community, Our Slime. It’s all about creating the best project for our future investors while keeping the promises, I really think that DeFi could change the way people see finance, If I were to describe Slime Finance, Slime Finance vision is “Slime is made for the people, made by an intelligent and caring community, Slime aims in its final version to be a pleasant user experience while being simple for all newcomers to the crypto world.

Crypto Royals: Great🔥🤟

Q2) Can you please tell us about Slime Finance in detail?

Rimuro: Slime Finance is a new yield farming project on the Binance Smart Chain.We yearn to offer competitive yield rates for our investors by delivering innovative updates in a timely manner.
What differentiates us from other yield services is how we interact with our community. We strive to listen to all suggestions given on our social media and let the community vote for features.
Our vision is to create a sustainable yield service in the long term while offering good yields by applying intricate algorithms and systems.
We promise to deliver on the mid to long term a true utility to our Slime Token and fight against traditional yield farm inflation

Crypto Royals:

Q3) What is so exciting about $Slime that we should know about?

Rimuro: What we are excited about is the improvements on our tokenomics for one. We have one of lower emission rate (0.26/block) and pools with good apy at this moment
we have implemented already 3 burnings mechanism and will implement more soon.
Secondly, the Automatic Launchpool Maker is a unique product which can’t wait to release. There’s honestly so much to be excited about
from the tokenomics to nft rollouts, to the release of out Slime Game in the distant future
Vaults which will offer auto-compounding. The implementation of the zap-feature for even easier compounding or staking of LPs is also a great feature soon to be available.

Crypto Royals: That’s great 😍
Thankyou for answering our questions sir😃
Now let’s move on to the Twitter questions😉
Are u ready sir?

Rimuro: yes!

Crypto Royals: First question from twitter

About the Tokenomics, How Slime burn their token? Is Slime token deflationary or Inflationonary? From @Lhyne230

Rimuro: Slime is currently a Token with an uncapped circulating supply and an Emission Rate of 0.267 Slime/block (7690.6 per day). This is much lower as compared to some other projects with emission of 28800 tokens per day. This implies that Slime token’s circulating supply will increase over time at a relatively very slow rate. We have implemented a few burning mechanics and soon more will be introduced to mitigate the inflation. The current burning mechanics are as follows: Our customised and unique lottery has automatic burning of a portion of the prize pot.(Full info in our guidebook) Also a portion of the Deposit fees from Farms, Pool and Withdrawal fees from Launch Pools also contribute to the burn as well! The community has been vocal and provided many ideas on how we can improve the burning mechanics. Our team has pooled together all the community feedback and internally brainstormed our own ideas to create what we dub, Slime v2.Slime v2’s primary concept is “Conditional Deflationary”. As the name implies, the new burning mechanisms will not be a “one size fits all” solution.More information will be shared with the community really soon.

Crypto Royals: Second question from twitter

Community support is one of the biggest aspects of a project’s success. Most projects have programs that interact with their users. Does you have any special plans to attract and expand the community and improve the user experience? From @AdnanRafiFauzi1

Rimuro: In my opinion the only thing Slime Finance lacks is traction, although this has been increasing recently. Our community is solid , that is a fact. We believe in quality over speed and that a strong product speaks for itself when provided with safety
Hence, we will evaluate additional ways of attracting new users after we rollout v2 . We would like to thank those who have joined Slime Finance for your support this far!
Our challenge now would be to gain your attention and trust, the curious inverstors. Time will prove our quality so we ask for your patience as we continue to build.
We welcome you to hang around and look at what we do and deliver over time, all improvement suggestions are welcome. We love engaging with our community, so we occasionally hold rewarding quizzes. If you are in it for the long haul the welcome to the Slime Army

Crypto Royals: Great🤟
Third question from twitter

Slime Finance has an automatic Launch pool Maker, so is the First Time that I heard something like this, so how it works exactly? From @TonyMon253

Rimuro: The Automatic Launch pool maker is our soon to be released product where we enable other new projects and farms to create a launchpool on our platform in an automatic fashion. (More info in our docs)
It can offer great advantages because new projects have a great APY and we believe that it can be a quick and easy way to take part in it and promote other newborn projects
This system will work with all projects that desire to make themselves visible on Slime Finance and they will be able to configure and deploy a launchpool in a fast and secure way
We believe in token functionality as well as hedged portfolio so we try to make Slime as functional as possible. A Slime holder can earn Slime or choose to hedge their portfolio by earning other tokens in launch pools

Crypto Royals:Fourth question from twitter

In the long run, why should we trust and follow you and your project? How do you raise awareness and elimination of the doubts of investors / partners / customers? From @nobita404

Rimuro: We believe in being open and transparent with our community. I don´t think i´m wrong telling you that we are proving a little more every day that we are a project built on trust . We have added a trasury report containing information on how the treasury fund has been used.
We did not wait for Certik to prove our credibility and intentions.
Besides that we actively engage with our community and provide them with updates. We are planning to host a weekly chat with the community where we discuss and receive constructive feedback on how the community would like Slime Finance to be improved, more on that soon.
Everyone in the community can add value by giving us their opinion and what they would like to see happen on Slime. This has been important to us since day one, and i think you only need to go and ask our community on our Telegram to see the trust that SlimeArmy has in us.

Crypto Royals: Thats great🔥🔥

Fifth question from twitter

Tell us a little bit about security? Have you done an audit of the platform? Are the smart contracts error-free? What are the test results? From @AdnanRafiFauzi1

Rimuro: We applied for an audit by Certik a few weeks ago and just recently received a response from them.
The preliminary results show some Minor and Major issues but none were related to security of Users´Funds. Your funds are SAFU!
Most of the issueswere fixed quickly with minor changes and improvements were implemented promptly such as having “Timelock” on the recently added Launch Pools.
We will update the community once the Certik Report is ready to be shared publicly.
Security of funds are our top priority and your funds are safe with us!. We are ready for the next phase: SlimeV2!

Crypto Royals: Thats the important most thing😉 Thankyou for answering the questions from twitter.
Shall we move on to the live session now ?😃

Thesaltiestslime certified:
we forgot question 6:

Can you indicate a feature or feature that you like best about SLIME FINANCE so that it can compete with other competitors? What are you most confident about for your platform? Do you have plans to get users to choose your platform?

it’s the most important for us
@rimurotheslime i let you answer this last question for part 2

Rimuro: we can answer one more yes?

Crypto Royals: Sure sir you can answer this one😊

Rimuro: Slime Finance had come up with its own feature: the Referral System.
This allows the Referrer to earn the value of 1.5% of the earnings of the person who uses the link. *Note that this amount does not come from the user’s own earnings
Some of you may think that a simple feature of having a Referral System seems anecdotal to make a project stand only on that. You are right and we have never planned on letting this simple feature get us far, this is just the starting line. In the DeFi space it is not enough to copy and clone from others.
We have noticed that not long after, many peers in the DeFi space started integrating this feature as well.The Referral System getting adoption also demonstrates the limitless growth of the feature. Every friend you invite, gives you additional passive income permanently.
Innovation is a critical part of what team keeps the team motivated and driven to work hard everyday.

We remind all investors that our goal is to make Slime Finance accessible and easy to use for everyone, including retail investors who are brand new to the DeFi space.
This challenges us to make a complex task very simple for a novice user. The Referral System will see its use increase tenfold when the new User Interface (UI) is rolled out.
We have also made amendments to the lottery tokenomics in order to better distribute the winnings among the different Prize Pot and included a small portion to the treasury in order to raise funds and continue implementing new Launch Pools.
Also, each user who wins the lottery will have 0.6% of the winnings sent to their Referrer (Deducted from burning fees), which further strengthens the use of the Referral System.
There are many new features coming!
As mentioned above, we will have the User interface (UI) improved. There will be a new feature that allows our users to harvest multiple farms and pools in a single transaction. This has been ready since our launch last month but we were waiting for validation by the Certik (Auditors) to ensure code validity and security is in place.
We are also working on a feature that will allow the users to swap/transform a single Token directly into an LP Token Pairs! (e.g. BNB to SLME-BUSD)
There is much more in the pipeline for Slime Finance such as a NFT marketplace and a Slime NFT collection which will be released in the distant future.
We’re also planning to implement profile formation on Slime Finance, connecting your unique NFT to your profile. Something we are very excited about is building the Slime Game and by game we are not referring to the lottery. We plan to release an NFT game with Slime rarities.
There will be more information announced in the future regarding the Slime Game.
Stay tuned and feel free to get in touch for potential collaborations!
For now our top priority is making improvements to the Slime tokenomics, mitigating inflation with the burn features, the User Interface (UI) upgrade, the release of Vaults and establishing our platform to be a Launchpad in the future.
We are confident because we are constantly taking in feedback from our passionate community and have implemented comprehensive sets of features faster than any other platforms out there at the moment and that’s a fact.

Crypto Royals: Thats some really great future plans you guys got there i must say🔥
Shall we move on to the live session now ?

Rimuro: yes! we are ready!

***4000 questions later…***

Crypto Royals: Please answer best 5 questions

Rimuro:we need some minutes, there are a lot of questions hehe

1Q 💥Hollywood Men😎: How many wallets that can support $Your Token until now? And does you have any plan to build your own wallet?

Rimuro:MetaMask, Trustwallet, MathWallet, TokenPocket, WalletConnect, Binance Chain wallet. Safepal or any that use these protocols. No, we’re not planning to build a wallet for the moment.

2Q Kiotin Investion: How do I become a part of the Slime Finance movement, is Slime Finance open to everyone or do we need an application?

Rimuro: It is very easy to join our community and movement! Come say hi on our Telegram group and check our documents out !

3Q Most investors are only interested in the short-term benefits of the project. What potential does Slime Finance have to attract long-term investors to invest in the project?

Rimuro: Slime v2 will release it’s additional multi deflationary implementations. We will be enhancing the user experience with the new user-interface. The release of vaults are upcoming giving users the ability to make an autocompounding stake with a bunch of intricate and innovative improvements in the tokenomics such as Conditional Deflationary feature to be implemented. We have recently been audited and we have a strong team with a lot of great ideas we’re working on to make a reality. Those ideas conform with the NFT revolution and innovates upon it. We aim to release a Slime Game in the distant future as well as a NFT marketplace to name a few things. With the low inflationary emission rate there and the future burn implementations of Slime v2 while offering high APRs is both single-asset as well as LP pools

4Q Hieu Trung: Marketing is a central element for every project, so that everyone knows the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieve the goals set. What is your strategy to attract new users and Investor to your platform and keep them long term?

Rimuro: We take into consideration that marketing is an important part of a Project, such as Slime, we have started our marketing plan by hiring Youtubers (UPNEXTCRYPTO for the moment), as YouTube is nowadays an essential part of marketing.
AMAs are also important and we are planning some for the next few weeks so that we can answer questions from our community and our future investors.
We are also planning articles in web journals, for those who prefer to read to YouTube, and many other ways that are being prepared, which we will talk about in more detail later.

5Q Galdirik: Your foundation idea is so new that it takes a lot of formula and takes a long time to develop. Does this have to be a tricky point for you? Does SLIME agree that the power of the community will lead your project to grow globally?

Rimuro: Yes creating features from scratch takes time but our Dev Team are well skilled with many years of experience in programming and will be able to code immediately. We have been involved in the Crypto space for years as well and are constantly staying updated about the ecosystem. Our community is united and strong and we believe that without their support, we will not be able to thrive and succeed in the future.

Most of our members are on the main telegram group but as a result of our growth we have been receiving increasing amounts of requests for other languages channels as well (Currently chinese, french, vietnamese and spanish are also available).

Crypto Royals: Great🔥🔥

Thank you so much everyone for joining us for todays session with Slime Finance and special thanks to @rimurotheslime and @liarcertified sir for such an informative session

We wish the best for Slime Finance😍

Rimuro: Yes, it has been great! Thank You!