Introduction to slime finance

Slime finance
3 min readFeb 24, 2021


All you need to know at the beginning


We will introduce slimes to binance smart chain, bsc is good but it need some slimes to be better!

First we will launch farming using a fork of pancakeswap, next we are planning launch vaults and games!


We will start at 0! with no premine, no presale, nothing!

Farms starts at 0.314 slimes per block distributing it along all pools , we are planning to reduce emision after first month!


Farming will launch with the following pools:

LP: Slime-bnb (x30), Slime-busd (x40), Bnb-Busd (x6),Btc-bnb (x6),Eth-bnb(x6),Dot-bnb(x6),Cake-bnb(x4),Cake-busd(x4), usdt-busd (x4), dai-busd (x4)

Single: Slime (x12), wbnb (x2), btc(x2), eth(x2),cake (x2), dot(x2) ,busd (1,5x),usdt (1x) ,dai (x1), vbswap(1x)

Vaults: vTokens to be announced

System Fees

Pools: Pools that not include slime will got a deposit fee of 4%, 1% will go to dev address and 3% to treasury fund for buybacks,burns and community decisions.

Referrals: the system can mint up to 1,5% to pay referrers (non EOA addresses are out of participe in referral program) it will be lower than 1,5% because not all users will got referrers!.

Treasure and dev: 2% of new tokens will be minted to treasury and 1% to dev address


You can invite friends and earn more slimes! you will earn 1,5% of your referrals earnings, you comission will be send to your wallet when they harvest, just wait for your slimes!

New implementations on farm contract and ui

  1. First of all we have removed “migrate” function and we have been limited the fee at 5%, it can be lower but not higher than 5%!.
  2. Button P.Stake and new method on sc, it will send your pending balance to stake pool with one click and just one tx!

3. Methods massStakeAll and massHarvestAll , they will harvest all your pending to your wallet or harvest all your pending and send to stake pool in just one tx.

Last two methods will be disabled until first audit, we didnt see any problems on testnet but security is first always!



We are actually working on v1 of slime vaults, we will launch it when we release v2 with new gui.

Vault fees will be used to buy back and burn slime tokens.

Vaults will have analytic dashboards with tools for users that deposit tokens

We are planing to use referrals on vaults too, and with your vTokens you will can earn more slimes staking them (choosen vaults)!


At the same time we have another slimeChef working on games for give more utility to your slimes!

More to be announced..